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BuyerLeverage Announces Expansion Funding With Leading Investors

Palo Alto and New York -- September 20, 2004 -- BuyerLeverage announced Monday that it has closed a significant expansion capital investment. The company’s existing backers joined new investors in supporting the continued development of patent-protected technologies that allow consumers and businesses to control their Internet communication and relationships.

Leading the investment round were Access Technology Capital and Freidenrich Family Partnership/Regis Management Company. Peter Thoren, Vice President of Access Technology Capital, will join the Board of Directors. “We are incredibly excited to have the opportunity to increase our involvement in BuyerLeverage with this investment;” Thoren said, “the company’s suite of technologies are potentially transformational in their impact on internet communications and commerce.”

Bob Burlinson, Chief Investment Officer, Regis Management Company, noted that “the intellectual properties the company has developed are not only quite robust in themselves, but also potentially ground-breaking businesses”. Mark Landesmann, BuyerLeverage’s founder & CEO, acknowledged the investor’s confidence in the company: “We are thrilled to expand and deepen our investor relationships as we move into a period of growth and deployment of pioneering user-directed communication and commerce solutions.”

The investment was at a “significantly higher valuation” than prior rounds, according to Landesmann, and the proceeds will be used to continue the development and marketing of its technologies, partnerships and management team.


About Access Technology Capital

Access Technology Capital LLC is the technology investment fund of Access Industries, a global private equity investment firm with a diversified portfolio in energy, minerals and mining, technology, telecommunications and financial services.

About John Freidenrich Family Entities

John Freidenrich Family Entities is the investment firm for the family of John Freidenrich. John founded the technology firm Bay Partners in 1976 and has led the firm over the past quarter century. John received his bachelor’s degree and LLD from Stanford University, and served as a member of the University’s Board of Trustees for a decade and as Chairman of the Board for four years in the mid-1990s.

About BuyerLeverage:

BuyerLeverage has developed and is marketing a broad portfolio of patented and patent-pending technologies that empower consumer and business communication and commerce. In deploying these services, the company and its partners will usher in a new generation of applications and businesses focused on user-directed information and communications management.

Among its initiatives, BuyerLeverage has developed a patented Frequent Buyer concept: one that allows consumers to profit from their purchase activity, seamlessly and anonymously uploading their credit card and other statements to receive individually tailored and extraordinarily valuable merchant offers.

Other programs likewise allow consumers and business to control their communication and information; for example, connecting consumers who signal (and prove) their intent to purchase a particular high-ticket product with merchants who will offer exceptional discounts and exclusive pre-sale services to access such rare consumers amid the roaring noise of the marketplace.


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