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Mark Landesmann

Mark Landesmann

Mark Landesmann, BuyerLeverageMark has a proven track record of developing solutions to technology problems, and of generating substantial revenues by working to implement these solutions with corporate partners. 

The United States Patent Office (USPTO) has recognized his innovations with 8 umbrella patents, carrying a total of more than 120 independent claims and more than 700 dependent claims.

Mark's patents and patent applications have been referenced as prior art in over 400 patents subsequently issued by the USPTO (all numbers current through 9/8/15). Among the companies, whose patents cite Mark’s work as prior art, are, for instance, Google (6), Cisco (26), Microsoft (4), Facebook (4), Oracle (4), Amazon (7) and Intel (2), all of which are known for their excellence in research and development. The patents also include a technology, which Bill Gates called Microsoft’s "magic" long-term solution to spam at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Prior to starting BuyerLeverage, Mark was Vice President for Email Marketing and Major Accounts at Cybergold. Mark was in charge of all aspects of the company's subscription email business ––– marketing, data mining, and operations. He also helped design the software architecture, and developed new products and methodologies to help build the email revenue stream from three percent of company revenues to 80 percent. Mark also negotiated and closed several transactions that far exceeded the company's prior contracts (including one that exceeded the company's second largest previous contract by a factor of 50), and subsequently assumed sales responsibility for the company's major accounts. During Mark’s tenure, Cybergold went public, and was later sold to MyPoints for $167 million in stock.

Before Cybergold, Mark founded Landesmann International Marketing in New York City, a food trading company with operations in Eastern Europe and Latin America. Mark developed and implemented new asset collateralization methods to securely fund, with hard currencies, the harvesting and production of food products in countries with high local interest rates. He achieved superior rates of return in partnership with banks, food processors, and local farming cooperatives. In 1998, Mark sold his business, and began pursuing opportunities in Internet marketing.

Mark holds a B.A. in Economics from Stanford, a Masters in International Policy Studies from Stanford, and an MBA from the Harvard Business School, which he obtained on a full scholarship.